Cycling has many dimensions and Cyclelive Magazine is first in line to do full justice to the entire spectrum. Some regions are perfect for ticking off a cartload of challenges. Some regions are perfect for the MTB and/or gravel bike while others are perfect for the die-hard road cyclist.

We took a look at our eastern neighbors in the Hamburg-Berlin-Magdeburg triangle and it must be said, the Germans pamper cyclists. This is where you come to cycle in a zapped fashion with some friends or the whole family. If you still want to complete some tough workouts, no problem grinding miles, doing blocks and intervals. But besides that faster work, come here to cycle quietly and at the same time soak up history and culture. Neat villages and beautiful towns among fields, forests and meadows. This region is vast and relaxing and at the same time historic-mysterious. It is like a cycling vacation island for the whole family. Historic buildings, unique nature, history and culture, here you can combine in- and relaxation with discovering beautiful things.

The Elbe region

When cycling in the Elbe region, the De Elberadweg is never far away. This unique cycle route along the river, is known as the most varied cycle route in Europe. The landscape, villages and towns lend themselves perfectly to a wonderful cycling vacation. On the banks of the Elbe are many important German cities such as Dresden, Wittenberg, Magdeburg and Hamburg. But in addition to this great cycling route, there are also a slew of other tours that are more than worthwhile. We selected two for our readers, whose highlights we describe below:

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Bike tour 1 – The Altmark circuit

This tour goes right through one of the oldest cultural landscapes of Germany, but for Belgians and Dutch it is still a golden tip to finally discover! Eight Hanseatic towns, cozy villages and the untouched nature of the Altmark are an endless inspiration for cyclists on the Altmark circular route. No fewer than eight Hanseatic towns lie along the Altmark Circular Route alone. The 800-year history of the Altmark can be experienced in hundreds of fascinating buildings, castles, churches and houses in the north German brick Gothic style, which still bear witness to the economic prosperity of the Hanseatic League. The picturesque old towns are embedded in idyllic landscapes. The Elbe and its floodplain landscape, the Altmärkische Schweiz with its rolling hills and the natural park landscapes of the Drömling form a varied backdrop for one of the most beautiful bicycle tours in Germany. With only a slight incline, good signage and bicycle-friendly hosts, the Altmark Circuit is an insider cycling tip in the easily accessible region between Berlin, Hanover and Hamburg. The Altmark circuit combines culture and nature in the form of an 8 and leads through the towns of Salzwedel, Wittenberge, Havelberg, Genthin, Tangermünde, Stendal and Gardelegen on bike paths and low-traffic local roads. As a cyclist, you will be pampered in picturesque accommodations in the German style. Everything has to be perfect!

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The many highlights of the Altmark circuit – take your pick

Thematic highlights of the Altmark route include medieval Salzwedel, the many Romanesque churches, Arendsee with its monastery and water attractions, the stork village of Wahrenberg, Seehausen with its church and tower museum, the historic town center in Osterburg, the uniqueness of Werben as the smallest Hanseatic city in the world, the historic water town of Havelberg, Genthin with its cultural offerings from past and present, the Jerichow monastery, the historic town center in Tangermünde, the Elbe town of Arneburg, the Hanseatic city of Stendal, garden dreams in Tangerhütte, the historic town center in Gardelegen, Kunrau Castle or the regional museum in Diesdorf.


Here you cycle alone, in a group or with the whole family and couple an active cycling vacation with a very rich history while the vistas and varied landscapes inspire you for the next bike ride. Take time to discover the cultural treasures along the way and visit, for example, the Altmark and Winckelmann Museum in Stendal.

© IMG Sachsen-Anhalt mbH
© IMG Sachsen-Anhalt mbH

Cycling tour 2 – Milde-Biese-Aland Tour

River landscapes in the Altmark region

Along the blue ribbon of the Milde-Biese-Aland rivers, this bicycle tour leads through the heart of the Altmark from the Mildequelle spring in Letzlingen with its hunting lodge to the Elbe cycling trail. The Milde-Biese-Aland river characterizes the landscape of the central Altmark. The cycle route cuts diagonally through the Altmark circuit and creates a direct connection from the climatic spa Arendsee in the north via the state-approved spa town of Kalbe (Milde) and the Hanseatic town of Gardelegen to the heath village of Letzlingen in the south. This tour is best tackled on a gravel bike. It goes in four stages over paved field, forest and meadow paths of different types. Asphalt or concrete roads, sandy agricultural paths and quiet roads. The bike trail offers peace and quiet and you will be amazed by so many beautiful nature observations. Curlews and lapwings are at home here and in autumn and spring you can admire many species of migratory birds. The Altmark is also an old cultural landscape with Romanesque buildings from the 12th/13th century. The Romanesque and Gothic churches and monasteries, old castles and manors, not to mention the Hohenzollern hunting lodge.

The Milde-Biese-Aland Tour runs from the fine sandy beach, from the Arendseer Höhe – a sandy pine heath – down to lush green meadows in the Biese Valley. Then it goes over the highest peak in the landscape, the Dolchauer Berg (94 m), back down to the bird sanctuary (SPA) on the Mild Meadows near Vienau and so on through pine heath and fertile farmland to the forests of the Letzlinger Heide. The river with the three name places – Milde-Biese-Aaland rises on the outskirts of Letzlingen. The river valley used to be a kilometer-wide drainage basin for glacial meltwater, so the unity of these watercourses was not recognized until late, hence the name “Milde-Biese-Aland.” The Roman Route runs through Arendsee and Kalbe, the Altmark Circuit in Arendsee and Gardelegen and the Gartenträume Route in Gardelegen. The Milde-Biese-Aland Tour divides the Altmark Circuit from north to south and opens up the central Altmark to cyclists.


By bike and bus through central Altmark: The PVGS buses are a good way to arrange the return trip, including free bike transportation.

© IMG Sachsen-Anhalt mbH
© IMG Sachsen-Anhalt mbH

The Elbe region has a very distinctive look with its rolling meadows and steep banks. Fishing and shipping villages, quiet towns like Werben, Arneburg and Tangermünde are among the highlights along the river. The crystal-clear Eagle Lake is known as the “Pearl of the Altmark.” The hills of Kellerberge near Gardelegen are a charming heath landscape. The Drömling in the southwest is an impressive nature park and moorland. The history of the “Antiqua Marchia” (Old March) is told at the Altmärkisches Museum in the Hanseatic city of Stendal. Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) was born in Schönhausen/Elbe. Centuries before him, Hanseatic towns such as Salzwedel, Gardelegen, Seehausen and Stendal ensured the region’s prosperity. The founder of classical archaeology, Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-1768), came from Stendal. The cathedrals in Havelberg and Stendal and the half-timbered houses in Salzwedel are among the notable architectural monuments. In Diesdorf, a museum village introduces visitors to the life of past generations. Bicycle, hiking and horseback riding trails crisscross this paradise for active tourists as arteries for soft tourism. Five Gartenträume parks and numerous private gardens and culinary specialties such as Altmärkische Hochzeitssuppe (Altmark wedding soup) or Salzwedeler Baumkuchen (Salzwedel tree cake) indulge gourmets in the Altmark.

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