Who are we?

From a boundless passion for cycling and cycling in general, the first Cyclelive Magazine was born in 2009. Out of love for cycling in all its forms, Cyclelive Magazine quickly grew to become the most read cycling magazine in the Benelux. Whether racing, MTB, gravel, city or electric bicycle, every cycling adventure is fascinating, educational, adventurous and enriches the life of the cyclist. The adventure, the discovery of new places and the freedom you experience while cycling is what we want the readers of Cyclelive Magazine to feel, smell and experience. We travel the world and with the exclusive stories and beautiful pictures we show that there is so much more than cycling around your own church tower.

Of course, we also follow competitive cycling, cx, gravel and mountain biking, because the real stars of cycling are the best inspiration to take on the biggest challenges yourself.

FREE printed Cyclelive Magazine in Dutch available at more than 200 pickup points and FREE online version in English. (from issue 75 on)

To share the love of cycling with as many cycling enthusiasts as possible, we are making this magazine completely FREE for our Cyclelive readers. This is only possible thanks to our partners/advertisers who provide us with the necessary budgets to produce Cyclelive Magazine and bring it to our distribution points, where our readers can then pick it up several times a year for FREE. The printed version in Dutch is available through more than 200 pick-up points in Belgium and the south of the Netherlands. Everyone who has the printed version in their hands is offered hours of free reading pleasure by Cyclelive Magazine. A unique concept that nowhere else in the world is applied by a sports magazine as extensively as Cyclelive Magazine. No less than 100,000 copies of our printed version are distributed and on top of that comes the FREE downloadable digital version in Dutch and English. An unprecedented reach in the cyclingworld! Not able to get a printed version?

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What makes Cyclelive Magazine so special?

In times of crisis and at a time when everything has become so much more expensive and will become even more expensive, Cyclelive Magazine remains FREE for our readers. In the midst of crisis, we switch up a few gears and even go international on our website in several languages. And … always FREE. More and more readers from all over the world are discovering our unique concept that connects readers and advertisers into a unique community. Thanks to the advertisers, the magazine is free and thanks to our numerous readers, our advertisers get the highest possible “return on invest” both through print and online.

FREE no longer exists?
Yes it does!

Enjoy reading our articles on the website!

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What's New?

FREE Online Cyclelive Magazine in Dutch and English

We at Cyclelive magazine are putting our gears on 55 X 10 starting September 2023 and shaking a demarrage out of our calves that will rarely be seen in the cycling magazine world.

To give our partners/advertisers even more impact for their investment, we are going international. Cyclelive Magazine will be available for download on our website in two different languages starting with issue 76. English will be the language through which we will reach even more readers at home and abroad.

And?…Can we do this for FREE?

Yep! Also completely FREE to download on this website in Dutch and English for Cyclelive readers from all over the world!

But we go even further….

The articles that we post separately on our new website will be posted in SIX/6 different languages starting in September 2023. In Dutch, French, English, German, Italian and Spanish we will reach even more readers from all over the world. Not just a Google translation, but a solid translation that can be understood by anyone who knows a language.

However, we do not claim that our articles will appear flawlessly in all these languages. Our mother tongue is and remains Dutch. But, we also try to convey our passion as best we can in the five other languages.

Cyclelive Magazine is ‘on the move’ and on the big plate it is moving very fast!