For many years, Rompelberg Cycling Holidays has been a household name in organizing cycling tours in Mallorca. Due to the enormous growth of the company over the past decades and the new trends in the cycling industry, a restructuring, modernization and refinement of the service were the focus on which Rompelberg Cycling Holidays focused during and after the corona period.

The new trends in the bicycle industry required new ideas and a different approach in some areas, but while retaining all the good things started and developed by Fred Rompelberg over the years. Under the motto “to stand still is to go backwards,” son-in-law Jetse Scholma took over the business from Fred two years ago. We put our ear to the new director of Rompelberg Fietsvakanties by phone and asked him how he experienced the past two years.

Jetse: “At Rompelberg the guest is more central than ever. That is something we have worked very hard on over the past two years. As an organization our role is facilitating to offer everyone the optimal vacation experience in their own way. But the fact that we also enjoy our own product with a boundless passion for cycling and Mallorca is, in our eyes, the ideal basis for offering our guests the best. After the takeover we also accelerated the further professionalization of our organization and team.

Cycling Mallorca has strong seasonal dynamics, and in the past we often worked with temporary employees. We have adapted that by cleverly deploying our people in the off-season. This way we have much more continuity, which translates into better quality and nice lasting contacts with many of our guests. Also joining our team was Sissy van Alebeek. Sissy is a former Dutch Champion with the pros and was commercial manager at Skil-Shimano. She breathes cycling and passion in all she does and she brings this to our company in our communication with the cycling world.

I think that with those two elements we have a unique starting point and we thus distinguish ourselves from most colleagues, where the business often comes first.”

After an answer like that, we thought it was worthwhile to experience what such a modern cycling vacation might look like today at Rompelberg.

So… Mallorca here we come!

We’re going to book our vacation

What do you do when you want to book a vacation? Googling, of course. So you end up on various websites and soon have an overview of what is possible. And, it must be said in this, quite an evolution has happened at Rompelberg. Unlike most other bicycle tour providers, the offer is very versatile. This means that at Rompelberg you can put together your trip with exactly the touches you prefer. You start by booking your rental bike because, after all, that is the reason for visiting the beautiful cycling island. Once you have chosen your bike from the wide range on offer, you can add one of no less than nine hotels. Now you will immediately benefit from a combination discount and receive a 20% discount on the rental bike you selected for this purpose.

Then you can choose to add a package. By default, the Randa package is included. This ensures among other things a transfer to your hotel but also includes the flex service, where you can cancel free of charge until shortly before departure. These packages can be expanded to the Sa Calobra package with, among other things, the Rompelberg cycling shirt and breakdown service or the Puig Major package with, for example, cycling shorts, massage and sports nutrition package. Furthermore, you can still opt for guided group tours to discover the most beautiful spots of Mallorca, or set off on your own with the help of the navigation offered. Finally, it is still possible, according to your wishes, to book additional options. These include guided group rides or excursions.

Still want to bring your own bike?

Well that went smoothly, … now we can think about packing. We leave our own bike at home because, according to Rompelberg, they have the best possible bikes in the rental package. A few days later I begin to doubt whether we were right to book a rental bike and not bring our own. However, this question would be relegated to the trash shortly after our arrival in Mallorca. We got the showpiece of Rompelberg shoved under our (proverbial) ass. A Wilier Filante, full carbon 12-speed Dura-Ace Di2 with high carbon rims, which was immediately adjusted completely to our position. After a short ride, we were immediately delighted that we didn’t lug around our own bikes and thus made it a lot easier on ourselves.

Completely free to choose your own cycling program

Cycling at Rompelberg, is completely enjoying the way you want it. There is no pressure to join a group. No pressure to cycle faster or slower, longer or shorter. Enjoying at your own pace and according to your own preferences is what it’s all about. Looking at the cyclists/groups that have booked here at Rompelberg, one thing really stands out: There is not one average Rompelberg guest. Guests are very different but the passion for cycling and cycling is shared by all. Guests who travel alone often join one of the groups and experience the most beautiful cycling adventures with the other participants in the group, but couples, groups of friends or associations also like to go out with the groups. There are also guests who prefer to set off on their own, alone or with their own group. They get all the info about the different routes and fun possible stops.

The level of cyclists varies greatly and Rompelberg offers group rides at four different levels. It is an ease and bliss to be able to decide when you want to join a group or go out on your own while the Rompelberg team is always there for you.

Conclusion: Whether you travel alone, with a partner or with a group of friends, you can always join a group at your level if you want to. A fun bond often develops during shared cycling adventures. And whether you explore the island independently or with a guide, Rompelberg’s roadside assistance is always there for you.

Top quality electric bicycles

The market for electric bicycles is growing rapidly, and here too at Rompelberg they have a top offering with the BESV e-bikes. The TR 1.1. model has a very long range and strong motor so that even the hills can be climbed. The model with low entry frame has a very comfortable geometry. A model that suits everyone and on which long distances can be covered. This model also has a USB charging point in the frame which makes it possible to charge your phone or bike navigation. In addition to these e-bikes, the Wilier Triestina Cento1 Hybrid model is also on offer. A real racing bike with pedal assistance that weighs only 11.9 kilograms – a record in this category of e-race bikes. This bike, a carbon frame with carbon monocoque fork with Shimano 105 Di2, 12-speed has a long range. But it is also possible to carry an extra battery in the bottle cage for really long distances. The 28 mm tires for the lowest rolling resistance also provide maximum comfort.

Different speeds in four groups

Group rides are scheduled every day in the high season, at four different levels, from the novice cyclist to the experienced hard rider. These groups are accompanied by a guide and there are 10 to 15 participants per group. The group leaders know the island inside and out and take you on the most beautiful routes, always with the together out, together home principle. The best cycling routes are presented daily, both along the coast and through the breathtaking mountains. The group leader always keeps an eye on the level of the group so that everyone feels comfortable in the group. In addition, they know the island like the back of their hand, so they take a shortcut or stop at a bar to get the best coffee and cake. In case of a technical problem, the group leader will help you immediately so the group can get back on the road quickly.

"Twice a week the Epic rides are on the program"

Epic rides challenging for everyone

Twice a week – for every level – the Epic rides are scheduled. These are the most challenging rides, both in terms of distance and altimeters. They also measure the absolute beauties. For example, there is the monastery route where you cross Majorca via beautiful country roads and visit successively the monasteries of Puig de Randa, Puig de Bonany, San Salvador and Monti-Sion. Note that all the monasteries are located on a hill. After 154 kilometers you have 1,879 hm in your legs, a tough ride. ALSO the Andratx route along the breathtaking coastline is beautiful. The road continually goes up and down, where you can reach high speeds and do constant interval training, but you hardly feel the acidification in your legs because you are treated non stop to the most beautiful views.

Program for non-cycling partners

There is also a wide range of excursion programs with various activities for non-cycling partners or activities to do on a day without a bike. These include yoga sessions, power walks, hikes to Randa, Esporles Banyalbufar, a city walk or city tour on a city bike in Palma and a visit to one of the weekly markets in Sineu or Inca. All accompanied by a Team Rompelberg guide. Furthermore, the possibilities on Mallorca are particularly numerous. Besides cycling, the real sports enthusiasts can choose to play golf on one of the many courses, hiking in the Tramuntana Mountains, swimming in the sea or mountain biking. But a wine tasting or paella workshop – and, of course, food – are also among the possibilities. Culture lovers are also sure to get their money’s worth in Mallorca, visit for example the gigantic 13th century Levantine Gothic cathedral of Palma de Mallorca: La Seu, the Royal Palace of La Almudaina – Palacio Real de La Almudaina, which was originally an Arab fortress, or the ancient monastery of Lluc – Santuari de Santa Maria de Lluc , which is located in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana and dates back to the 13th century.


Text: Patrick Van Gansen
Photos: Wouter Roosenboom

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