Cyclis Bike Lease is launching the fourth edition of the #ikfietsnaarhetwerk campaign. The message to all employees is: Sign up now and cycle with us on Thursday, April 28. Register via ikfietsnaarhetwerk.be

The #ikfietsnaarhetwerk-day will take place on Thursday, April 28, 2022. With its awareness campaign, Cyclis encourages all employees to bike to work en masse. That way, those who need that extra push can take a day to bike for the commute. Employees who work from home will take a token ride before or after their workday so they still get their daily dose of exercise. Participants can register starting today through the website www.ikfietsnaarhetwerk.be.

Support the charity Habbekrats

Habbekrats is a colorful and warm organization dedicated to underprivileged children and youth in Belgium. In total there are 17 houses in Belgium where young people can go for friendship, warmth, adventure and help. Chris Van Leysebetten, inspirer of Habbekrats: “Everyone knows that there are many vulnerable children in our country. We try to intervene early in that process so we can have a lot of impact on them and prevent a lot of difficulties.”

Cyclis is supporting Habbekrats for the third year in a row. “We have an enduring relationship with Habbekrats because, like us, they want to make as many people happy as possible,” said Valentina Cani of Cyclis Bike Lease.

All participants of #ikfietsnaarhetwerk can contribute by donating their bike allowance for the day or what they save on fuel when they register. With the amount raised, Habbekrats will further furnish its venues as a real home with sports and games facilities.

Last year, the 13,560 #ikfietsnaarhetwerk participants collected €21,752 for Habbekrats. With that amount, Habbekrats youth are currently building a Sports Fortress in the World Garden of the Adventure House.

Watch the video about the Sportfort here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF8-m7xB6p0

About Cyclis Bike Lease

Cyclis was founded in 2014 and immediately became the pioneer in bike leasing. More than 22,000 employees now ride around with a leased bike from Cyclis. Employees choose their favorite bike including accessories at one of the 1100 affiliated bike stores. The lease formula includes services such as comprehensive insurance, maintenance and breakdown assistance. In addition, Cyclis relieves the company in as many areas as possible and is available 24/7 for cyclists.

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