Before us is a new book that tells of the rise and fall of Frank Vandenbroucke. It is not the first book published about VDB and it will probably not be the last. From whatever angle you look at his life he is and remains an interesting man. Inimitable in all areas of his life. That is precisely why it is so fascinating to read what Andy McGrath has written about him.

Of course, it is again about his depression, addictions, drugs, suicide attempts, arguments, his divorce and countless lawsuits, but also about his sporting achievements. All consider his 1999 victory in Liège-Bastogne-Liège. It is simply a book to read in one breath and it never ceases to amaze you how VDB stood in (his) life. The book systematically takes you through his life that consisted of few ups and many downs. Dozens of people, including, of course, his buddy Nico Mattan, the author has allowed to tell about VDB. Of course, Bernard Sainz (the French horse breeder nicknamed Doctor Mabuse) is also discussed from whom VDB received psychological and pharmaceutical help. Especially that pharmaceutical help is a denominator under which a lot can be categorized. Mabuse ended up in prison because of his doping practices. It is wonderful to read how Vandenbroucke rumbles through this like an unstoppable horse. Of course, the fact that he was found dead in his hotel room in Senegal on October 12, 2009, is dwelled on extensively. The various hypotheses about the cause of his death have never had the right answer. The reader is also left with that question, but nevertheless a nice book to immerse yourself for a few hours in VDB’s life as he lived it. And it is all true. God is dead and lying in the cemetery in Ploegsteert!

Book Details: Publisher Horizon,

ISBN 978 94 921 5965 6 314 pag. 22,99 Euro

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