Trails and tours around Kronplatz in South Tyrol

The opportunity to discover a world natural heritage site on a mountain bike rarely arises. In the Dolomite communities of San Vigilio and San Martin, however, this is no problem. They lie between the natural parks "Fanes-Sennes-Prags" and "Puez-Geisler", both of which have been declared UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites.

Varied tours are guaranteed here. They lead through shady forests, to sunny Alpine meadows and over the mountain paths and passes of the Dolomites. Freeride and downhill fans get their money’s worth on the trails at Kronplatz.

The Limo-Joch

A great tour is the one up the Fanesalm and on to the Limo-Joch. Particularly because it is almost like a small chalet rally. The first thirteen kilometers run on a narrow toll road gently uphill to the Pederü Hütte. This is excellent for a small break and a coffee. Then it continues on a gravel road including insane views. On this road one passes a super beautiful photo opportunity, namely the turquoise Grünsee. A photo with the natural jewel as a vacation memory should not be missed under any circumstances. A short rest at this spot is also recommended.

"A photo with the natural jewel as a vacation memory should not be missed under any circumstances."

After all, from here the path becomes increasingly steep and difficult. If you then gradually run out of air to still talk, a steady gait is recommended. But don’t worry, at the Faneshütte you can already take the next stop. From here we finally head to the Limo-Joch and on over coarse gravel to the winter sports area of Cortina d’Ampezzo. As you roll down the old World War I-era army road, you have excellent views of the peaks of the Dolomites. Just before the Fiames parking lot, you will ride on asphalt and then a steep gravel road to the Malga Ra Stua Hütte. The next stage is the Senneshütte. It lies at an altitude of 2126 meters above sea level, making it the highest chalet on this trek. From here it is only downhill. First you make your way down on gravel to the Pederü Hütte, where something particularly fun awaits bikers – a cool forest trail. This runs along the stream over roots and boulders back to St. Vigil.

Kronplatz trails

Kronplatz – also called Plan de Corones in Ladin – rises 2275 meters into the sky. Both in winter and summer, it is a meeting point for sports fans and outdoor freaks. Especially for mountain bikers, it is a real downhill and freeride paradise. From the vast mountain plateau, no fewer than six trails wind downhill. The “Gassl” trail is ideal for beginners or to warm up comfortably. It is 8.8 kilometers long and only moderately steep. Of a completely different caliber, on the other hand, is the “Andreas” trail. It is only 906 meters long, but requires the utmost concentration and excellent riding technique. Another special feature of this trail is that it was built by hand. Experienced mountain bikers should definitely put it on their vacation to-do list.

But the real showpiece of the trails at Kronplatz is without a doubt the “Herrnsteig”. At eight kilometers, it is an impressive length and is also quite difficult. Like the other trails, the Herrnsteig also starts at the summit. You reach it best from Reischach with the orbital railway. This will take you to the summit in about twenty minutes. From there, the trail winds about 1,300 depth meters down into the valley. The beginning section of the trail provides a true wow feeling with its hairpin turns. It simultaneously offers breathtaking views of the surrounding natural park. In addition, it is peppered with root sections, small jumps, drops and steep sections. So the fun factor is guaranteed. What further makes the “Herrnsteig” so special are the two variants “Franz” and “Hans”. They deviate left and right from the original trail and provide additional variety. The “Herrnsteig” is considered the oldest established freeride trail in the Alps and, thanks to its top features, it has almost become a legend.

Enduro tour Pragser Wildsee

The enduro tour Pragser Wildsee contains everything that makes up a real mountain bike tour: tough climbs, top panoramas and flowing trail action. It begins in St. Vigil, immediately after a short ride on the Fitness Trail. From there it climbs up a gravel road to the highest point Somamunt. It’s not too bad at the beginning, but after that you need to have a lot of strength in your legs to master the super-steep climb. In any case, the intensive climb is well worth it. At the top you can enjoy a spectacular panorama. This is also the perfect place to take a short break, before turning right along the mountainside on a trail downhill. This trail becomes a first-class singletrail and leads through the Lärchen valley to the Pragser Wildsee. This is not only a small natural gem, but also plays a role in the world of South Tyrolean legends. From this lake it is said that the subterranean parts of the realm of the Fanes can be reached by boat. The saga of the realm of the Fanes is an important part of Ladin literature and is considered the national epic of the Ladin people. But by mountain bike, you prefer to cycle from the Pragser Wildsee in the direction of Olang. From there it then goes to the Kronplatz. Those who prefer to save themselves the altitude meters have the option of being carried up the mountain together with their bikes by the elevator. This is at least the most power-saving variant. From the top of Mount Kronplatz follows the next trail pleasure, the “Furcia” trail. This is, so to speak, the little brother of the “Herrnsteig”. At 4.7 kilometers, it is not as long as the trail legend, but it is certainly not inferior. As many as 120 bends wind their way from the summit to the Furkel Pass that marks the end of the “Furcia” trail. From Furkel Pass you can take the Ruis Lift back to Kronplatz completely relaxed and venture a few more times on the trail. And completely exhausted, you ball from the Furkel Pass back to St. Vigil very easily.

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