One of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps is definitely the Weissensee in Carinthia, with its extraordinary beautiful color. The lake is 12 km long and lies at an altitude of 930 m. Once you reach the high valley around the Weissensee, you can reach its little brother, the Pressegger See, in no time. Here you bike over and along the land borders with Italy and Slovenia.

Cycling up to Nassfeld or just a stone’s throw away in Lesachtal is simply wonderful to do. This is what makes a stay in the region on the border of Austria, Italy and Slovenia so unforgettable. Spectacular views, challenging climbs, fast descents and steep trails through the Carnic, Julian and Gailtal Alps – here in the mountain biking region of Nassfeld-Pressegger See, Lessachtal and Weissensee, every biker really gets their money’s worth. Plenty of opportunities to become an experience richer every day on and off the bike!

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Forest, green, Weissensee and the Trail World

In the Nassfeld-Pressegger See region, Lesachtal and Weissensee have really begun to specialize in mountain biking. The nearby Weissensee, where 160 kilometers of MTB routes on 13 marked trails and a natural pump track, including a bike park await you, offers the perfect variety. It’s a beautiful picture from whichever side you look at it! If you want to broaden your mountain bike horizons, you’ll find the Trail World in nearby Nassfeld with 11 natural single trails of varying difficulty. The Lesachtal also offers extensive mountain bike tours especially for leisure cyclists. Here in Carinthia there are countless possibilities, all to be filled to your own taste.

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Special highlights are the singletrails in the region, including the Weissensee Trail, one of three nature trails around the summer elevators in Weissensee. The summer elevator is heaven among the mountains for many, as it allows you to replace the sometimes very difficult climbs with a ride up with the help of the elevator. The 4 km long Weissensee single trail with its 430 meter descent, is ideal for trail bikers. Thanks to its all-natural course, the trail is a barrel of challenges.

Do you want to slow down a bit, or do you want to brush up on your technique first? Then the MEX-Line 1 is the first thing you will think of. The MEX-Line 1 is a developed flow trail that is fun for beginners and experienced bikers alike. Those who feel themselves gradually improving here and have tanked enough confidence can then explore the other trails in Trail World.


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