"Moving people - that moves us! Encouraging them to take paths they might not have taken on their own. Motivating them by bringing them closer to their goal. Giving them pleasure, in nature, in town or village and above all in complete independence." That is the philosophy that was behind the German company EBIKE.DAS ORIGINAL from its inception in 2011.

The company was the only pure German player in electric bicycles and they have enriched the bicycle market and set new standards with this brand.

With the development of EBIKE. DAS ORIGINAL, an alternative mobility option was created that revived enthusiasm for bicycles. “We already see it as a kind of responsibility to society and this responsibility we are now pushing forward reinforced in the coming years, taking as many EBIKE friends with us as possible. As before with beautiful design and high quality.” Thus the management.

Why the name change?

“Because we want to achieve more than physically moving people. We want to motivate and inspire people, change behavior and make them take new paths.

With a focus on sustainable materials and concepts, at every level. But also with innovative products in micromobility, which will create new trends in the market. This change is not only taking place within our company, but we will also share it widely with the outside world. Under a new name. With a new app. And with a new interpretation of sustainable and innovative design.

That’s why EBIKE. DAS ORIGINAL is now ADVANCED EBIKE. This name tells the story of the evolution of our bikes.”

Of course, the website also changes with it and is now:

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