W3:ride, the mobile ios and android app, announces a long-term partnership with cycliq to help the community ride smarter and safer bikes. Starting now, cyclists can extend their ride and reward experiences by redeeming their $power and $cyclr earned during their rides in the w3:ride app to unlock exclusive offers on the all-new cycliq lumiere jacket. This means w3:riders can redeem digital currency for real-world benefits - and be super-easily recognized by other road users.

The cycliq lumiere jacket is highly reflective and also offers numerous features that make a jacket a true cycling apparel.

So w3:riders will find access to a special offer in the marketplace section of the app to get their hands on this piece of safety and riding comfort. “We at w3:ride are cyclists. Some more on the sporty side, some more commuting. But everyone encountered fuzzy situations during rides. With this new partnership, we are happy to give our community access to the cycliq product line with an extensive selection of real-world safety products they can earn by cycling and offered through the w3:ride app. Beyond all the fitness aspects, cycling in general is an important part of micromobility – and it’s on partners like cycliq and w3:ride to give you even more excitement and more visibility on every ride. Together with w3:ride, we are excited to offer cyclists more opportunities to increase the digital engagement aspect of the sport and reward them with exclusive offers on cycliq products,” said lachlan mcdonald, marekting manager at cycliq. “By linking their strava account to the w3:ride app, customers can earn points for great offers on cycliq products just by cycling! We believe our participation in this exciting initiative will bring tremendous benefits to our valued customers who participate in the w3:ride experience and further embrace our goal of raising awareness for cyclist safety,” continued lachlan.

The w3:ride app can be downloaded in the app store or via google play. If you want to learn more about the brand new cycliq lumiere jacket, check it out here: https://cycliq.com/product/lumiere-jacket/

about w3:ride w3:ride is an innovative and engaging mobile app that combines cycling and a unique reward system to motivate and connect cycling enthusiasts around the world. By seamlessly integrating customizable digital bikes, avatars and a reward ecosystem through in-app currency, w3:ride transforms the cycling experience, fosters a sense of community. Join the w3:ride revolution and pedal your way to fitness, fun and rewards. In late 2021, w3:ride was created to unite the cycling community through digital engagement. Supported by a user-friendly social platform, w3:ride focuses on uniting the global cycling community, regardless of how anyone cycles. W3:ride has successfully released a genesis collection of 8,088 unique 3d-modeled nft bikes and cyclists for use in the upcoming app. Cyclists of all levels are invited to earn cryptocurrency or tokens for their rides and build their own custom nft bikes, which they can use to unlock additional rewards. These tokens are earned through our new proof-of-ride (por) formulas, rewarding users with physical and digital items in our in-app marketplace.

About cycliq: cycliq is the number one brand in camera and lighting combinations, providing bike safety and action camera solutions for commuters, mountain bikers, racers and professional cyclists.

Foto: © Michael Fortsch/Unsplash

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