An unknown (ex-)pro rider. One bike. A time. With that slogan, the Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen launches its second edition of The Styxx on Saturday, March 26.

The concept remains unchanged, competing against an unrecognized (ex-)pro rider. The Styxx sets a target time on a 73 kilometer course through the beautiful Flemish Ardennes. Over the Rotelenberg, along the Dammekensstraat, ‘stoempen’ on the Spichtenberg, it promises to be an exciting battle.


Safety first. Consequently, the organization included as many car-free climbs as possible. Participants need not worry or take risks at a closed level crossing or waiting time at an intersection. The course is made up of sixteen Strava segments. The times completed on these segments are added up and determine everyone’s place in the standings.

Participants not only try to set a time improvement, but also search for the identity of The Styxx. So even those who are less athletically inclined can participate. The top three in both the women’s and men’s classification will receive prizes. Nevertheless, the slogan participating is more important than winning remains in force because most of the prizes will be raffled off among all participants. The Styxx is an excellent opportunity to measure yourself against an (ex-)pro rider.

Experience The Styxx in spring, on a sunny summer day or whenever it itches to put on those cycling shoes. From March 26 to September 25 you can take up the challenge with The Styxx.

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