In the Tour of Burkina Faso, a 107 km stage was on the menu today. Right from the start, two Burkinese and one Cameroonian took the lead. After 40 km they had gathered a maximum lead of 5'30".

Like yesterday, the entire peloton was only watching the Belgians and they had no choice but to take the initiative in the chase. Herman Beyssens’ entire Thielemans – De Hauwere team went all out to catch the escapees. After a while, due to the strong crosswind and the high tempo, the door at the back was completely open.

At 20 km from the end, the three escapees were caught and about twenty riders were still in contention for the stage victory. Among them three more Belgians; Wannes Heylen, Stef Rogiers and Rutger Wouters.

At five km from the finish Wouters thought his moment had come. He didn’t get away, but this caused the leading group to split. A dozen riders rode to the finish line for the ultimate sprint.

Rutger Wouters pulled the sprint ahead of Wannes Heylen who, like Wouters yesterday, was dropped by Paul Daumont. Rutger Wouters still finished third and got to the podium for the second day in a row.

Stage 2 results:
1. Paul Daumont – Burkina Faso
2. Wannes Heylen – BEL
3. Rutger Wouters – BEL
15. Stef Rogier – BEL
48. Guy Smet – BEL
49. Sam Van de Mieroop – BEL
50. Niels Vandyck – BEL

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Photos: © Tour du Faso 

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