A 325 km round trip bike ride in the Seine-Maritime department in the Normandy region. That's the area between Le Tréport, Le Havre and Rouen. The Tour of the Seine-Maritime offers cyclists the opportunity to discover the different landscapes of the region.

The high chalk cliffs of the Côte d’Albâtre, the meanders of the Seine Valley, the buttonhole of the Pays de Bray to the vast linen fields of the Pays de Caux. Departure point is Forges-les-Eaux and arrival point is Rouen, the historic capital of Normandy. The Tour uses parts of existing signposted cycling routes: the Avenue Verte London-Paris between Forges-les-Eaux and Dieppe, La Vélomaritime between Dieppe and le Havre or the Véloroute du Lin between Pourville and Fécamp and La Seine en Vélo between le Havre and Rouen. In addition to the Carte de la Seine-Maritime à vélo, Guide Tour de la Seine-Maritime à vélo is also available.

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Text: Rens Klaasse
Photo right side: © red_fox_photo / Instagram

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