290 kilometers, 4,900 altimeters, 13 inclines. The Stoneman Miriquidi Road is a legend. And more than just an ordinary race bike ride. No matter whether you get the gold (in one day), silver (in 2 days) or bronze (in 3 days) - the Stoneman founder Roland Stauder promises, "The Stoneman is a cycling experience that starts with a dream and ends in an experience that stays with you forever."

A unique ride through the Ore Mountains

Since 2018, the Stoneman Miriquidi Road invites you to a unique ride on and around the Ore Mountain. The road bike counterpart of the Stoneman Miriquidi for mountain bikers takes you over the German Erzgebirge ridge and along the Czech “Egergraben. Here you will sniff the centuries-long mining tradition and discover the unique cycling experience the Ore Mountains have to offer. The tour is not only a sporting challenge, but also takes you past scenic and mining history highlights of the Ore Mountains. A road bike adventure that pushes your physical limits on roads with little traffic.

"The Stoneman is a cycling experience that starts with a dream and ends in an experience that stays with you forever."

Low mountains for gravel bikers

But the Stoneman Miriquidi is just one of the many cycling challenges you can find in this region. Gravel lovers will also find a very special environment here, away from paved roads. The Ore Mountains are a very specific “low mountain range landscape” and also offer gravel bikers numerous tours on field, forest and meadow trails. The fully signposted ‘BLOCKLINE’ is – as the name suggests – a checkered cycling adventure of over 140 km for the whole family. And the Erzgebirge Vogtland crest ride should not be missing from the bucket list either: it is a real summit encounter along the Saxon-Bohemian border.

Visiting the cyclists: Hotel Am Kurhaus

Along the Stoneman Miriquidi Road, a number of hotels specialize in racing cyclists and gravel bikers – some have devoted themselves entirely to racing, such as the Hotel Am Kurhaus. In the middle of the diverse cycling region of the Ore Mountains, you don’t have to look far for the right accommodation: at the Hotel Am Kurhaus, the host, Beat Bünzli, personally guides you through the Ore Mountains! For Beat it is simply “the most beautiful place in Germany” – without a doubt he knows all bike tours like the back of his hand. Together with his own cycling guides Olaf and Mario, Beat regularly accompanies his guests to the hidden insider tips and highlights in the UNESCO World Heritage Erzgebirge.

Let’s get to Germany’s most versatile cycling region!

Overnight stay at the Hotel Am Kurhaus

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