The fortified town of Kufstein and its eight surrounding picturesque villages are located in the Austrian state of Tyrol. There, right on the border with the German state of Bavaria, road bikers will find a true cycling paradise.

The special thing about a vacation in Kufsteinerland is that you can spend your days there in so many different ways. The most obvious way in the middle of the Alps is of course with sports and not least with cycling. Those who think that you need to have quite a bit in the legs for that are mistaken. The region around Kufstein is excellent for gaining altimeters as well as for beginners.

Route for beginners

If you don’t want to push the envelope right away, you can opt for the Kaiser circular tour. This is a round trip with about 540 hm on 104 km. The start is in Kufstein. From there it goes on flat terrain towards Kössen and on to St. Johann in Tirol. There you will be accompanied by the Großache River and fantastic views of the rugged peaks of the Wilder Kaiser. Via secondary roads you then cycle to Oberndorf and via the Rerobichler Waldrücken to Reith. This is followed by hilly country and a smooth descent through the Brixental to Westendorf. On traffic-free roads, secondary roads and cycle paths, it finally returns to the Kufsteinerland via Wörgl.
Little tip: This round trip is best done during the week. It is much busier on holidays and weekends.

For the challenge

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a real challenge, head in the tracks of the Kufsteinerland Radmarathon. The marathon has been taking place in the region every year since 2016. On the route one covers a spirited 1900 hm on 124 km. The start of the tour is the Obere Stadtplatz in Kufstein. From there it goes uphill to the Thiersee valley. That is therefore the first climb on the route. This one is tough, but rewards for that with an incredibly idyllic view of Lake Thiersee.

You also have the summit of the regional mountain the Pendling always in sight and on the return trip the peaks of the Kaisergebirge. As far as the Reintaler Seen, things take a more leisurely pace. Here it’s a matter of conserving strength, because after the lakes it’s uphill to the Brandenberg. This climb is no mean feat. In 3.5 kilometers you have to climb 400 meters in altitude. Back in Kramsach you ride up to Breitenbach in the Inntal. This is followed by the climbs to Angerberg and Bad Häring. Bad Häring is a sunny high plateau with an almost untouched natural landscape. The “Roadbike Holidays” hotel Das Sieben is also located there. Those who want a first-class cycling vacation and top service for themselves and their bikes should choose this hotel. From the sunny plateau in Bad Häring it is then back to Kufstein via Schwoich.

Those who want more on their vacation than just to tire themselves out are also in the right place in the Kufsteinerland region. After all, Kufstein itself is the second largest city in the Tyrol after Innsbruck. Culture and history lovers will find what they are looking for when visiting the Kufstein Fortress, for example. This is the true symbol of the town and is situated on a high rock above the town. Today it is used mainly for plays and concerts. In the summer months, it is the setting for the Kufstein operetta summer every year. Another highlight of the fortress is the “Hero Organ” in the Bürgerturm. This is the largest free-standing organ in the world. Its music should remind all war victims and exhort for world peace.

Those who, on the other hand, yearn for a little peace and relaxation either relax in one of the numerous natural lakes in the area or go exploring in the Kaisergebirge nature reserve. The latter has been protected since 1963 and was voted the most beautiful place in Austria in 2016. To describe the landscape we would have to conjure and pure nature idyll from the pen.

The Kufsteinerland thus offers everything you could want, for the whole family and especially for cyclists.

Fotos: © Lolin / ofp Kommunikation / Kufsteinerland

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