With speed and adrenaline, it's on the endless and low-traffic roads through beautiful Südsteiermark. The climbing and descending between vineyards, meadows and forest trails is as diverse as the culinary offerings. It quickly becomes clear: Südsteiermark is a secret tip for cyclists and gravel bikers. Small, fine and yet diverse and absolutely worth spending a week cycling there.

Take a serving of culinary delights, seasoned with mountain panoramas and a dash of the diverse wine offerings – this is how the road cycling region of Südsteiermark presents itself. With more than 2,000 km of bike tours and beautiful gravel biking routes, this region, situated in the south of the Austrian state of Styria, has the right menu for every cyclist. And at the end of the ride, a glass of Südsteiermark wine is always a perfect ending.

"From the speed on the asphalt road to the adrenaline rush on the gravel roads "

Gravel biking in the green heart of Austria

From the speed on the asphalt road to the adrenaline rush on the gravel roads – these are our tour tips for a great cycling experience in Südsteiermark:

1 Kapla Lake Dream Tour

Relax away from the crowds at the natural lake and enjoy the silence and refuel yourself with adrenaline on this descent that is full of beautiful panoramas.

2 RADELIKAT ‘enjoyment tour’ through Schilcherland

The tour more than lives up to its name, leading with steep climbs on low-traffic endless roads and off-road sections past 14 gourmet establishments where local delicacies can be sampled.

“Experience” the sunny south with fun and enjoyment on a road bike

Cycling on asphalt and enjoyment inevitably belong together in Südsteiermark. On these pleasure routes through Südsteiermark you’ll let your calves burn while cheering up your taste buds:

1 Südsteiermark wine route

This route goes up and down vineyards on narrow, winding roads offering views of Südsteiermark’s most famous wine-growing regions. Enjoy the wind on your face on the panoramic road.

2 Styrian Oil Route

Here it’s all about Styria’s green gold – pumpkin seed oil. On the theme trail, we discover oil mills, innkeepers and farmers who have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to the “superfood of southern Styria. The route constantly goes up and down and it feels like you are cycling through a beautiful painting.

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