For more than a decade he has been writing for "Cyclelive Magazine," now a book by him has been published. Teus Korporaal has delved into the history of the Giro d 'Italia and made an overview of all the firsts of the Italian round. His book was titled: E E R S T E.

Everything in life happened once for the first time. Your first day of school, your first boyfriend or girlfriend, your first kiss and so on. In sports, it’s no different. Everything has a beginning. So it is with cycling: the first bicycle, the first races on the track, the first races on the road, the first race between two cities and then of course the first Tour de France in 1903, the first Giro d’Italia in 1909 and later the first Vuelta a España in 1935. Before and in between is the arrival of the first classics: Liège-Bastogne-Liège (1894), Paris-Roubaix (1896), Tour of Lombardy (1905), Milan-Sanremo (1907), Tour of Flanders (1913).

In his book he focuses on the Giro d ‘Italia and as many first moments as possible are presented as the first Giro, the first five-time winner. Naturally, the Dutch and Belgian firsts are also highlighted such as, for example, the first Belgian and Dutch pink jersey wearer, the first Belgian and Dutch stage and overall winner, but also the first rider to become overall winner without winning even one stage. There is also attention to the first woman to ride in the men’s peloton. Of course, there is also attention to the mountain classification and the first passages and arrivals on the big Dolomites and Alpine cliffs, among others. Then the points and youth classification are discussed. Who is the first winner, who is the first Belgian or Dutch rider in these classifications? Then attention is paid to the black jersey that is awarded to the last man in the classification. Who is the first wearer and which Dutchman or Belgian got to put on this gem for the first time?

The prologues and time trials are also brought to the surface. Of course, the first starts in Belgium and the Netherlands are also covered, as well as the first start outside Europe. The final chapter concerns a daily overview of the first Corona Giro of 2020. Most of the items conclude with an overview of the respective Giro edition. In short, it is a colorful mix of firsts from the history of the Giro d ‘Italia, which has lasted more than a century. The book is illustrated with many of his own photographs. Teus is currently working on similar books of the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España.

Ordering the book is possible at bookstores or directly from the publisher: Publisher Boekscout

ISBN number 978-94-643-1355-0

Price 19,50 Euro

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