British independent bike boutique brand Vielo and Classified today announced a collaboration in which Vielo's combines their exclusive 1x frames with Classified's Powershift technology to create the ultimate modern road bike.

Vielo emerged in 2018 with a bold road and gravel frame designed for a 1x crankset. This unique frame design increased lateral bottom bracket stiffness by 32% over an equivalent 2x design. It also offered much more freedom in engineering design and efficiency to other parts of the bike frame.

Classified launched its revolutionary Powershift technology in 2021, headlined “The end of the front derailleur. The product is backed by established investors and the support of ex-pro riders Tom Boonen, Andre Greipel, Marcel Kittel, Anna Van der Breggen and Philippe Gilbert. The collaboration between Vielo and Classified was established to provide the widest range of gears without sacrificing frame and shifting performance.

" zo het breedste assortiment versnellingen zonder in te boeten op frame en schakelprestaties te kunnen realiseren."

Ian Hughes, founder of Vielo, told us, “When we launched Vielo, we knew we wanted to go our own way as one of the first ‘adopters’ of ‘1x only’ gravel and road frames. We have built our brand, our style and our reputation around this and so far no other bike brand has gone down this path. All the press reviews we have received prove that we are on the right track. It took a while to convince some traditional cycling fans to accept this, especially road bike enthusiasts. Many insisted on a wider range and more gears than the current 1x 12 or 13 speed. We watched with interest when Classified launched their “virtual front derailleur” Powershift technology in 2021, to see how long it would take for cycling enthusiasts to see the usefulness and benefits, and then ask for the system to be built onto a Vielo frame. “

Hughes went on to say, “We share many synergies with Classified, in that we are bold, dynamic and forward-thinking…. it makes sense to join forces and show cycling enthusiasts around the world that there is much more to road and gravel bikes than a standard frame with a front derailleur and a double chainring up front.”

Classified’s OEM manager Steven PMJ Wong said of the partnership, “An innovation-driven company like Vielo is exactly the kind of partner we want to work with at Classified. With the shared belief that the traditional 2x bike is not the most efficient set-up available, the partnership makes perfect sense.”

The collaboration was launched during the Sea Otter Classic on April 20, 11 a.m. at the Vielo booth (No. P77), with a presentation of a new edition Vielo R+1 road bike.

The new R+1 Cyan Blue bike features a vibrant blue transition with an explosion of R+1 logos. The bike is equipped with SRAM Force D2 groupsets, Quarq power meter crankset, Classified R50 wheelset and Powershift Technology. The price is 6,999 British pounds which equals €7,939 including VAT (British pound exchange rate on April 20, 2023 – 8pm) and is available directly from Vielo. There is also an optional Reverb AXS dropper post to create the ultimate modern road bike.

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