Do you want to test your limits? Do you want to conquer steep climbs and reward yourself with breathtaking views and après-pizza? Then Lake Levico and Lake Garda are the right place for you and your cycling ambitions. Choose between Italy's largest lake with its breathtaking scenery and active lifestyle or the tranquility of the smaller Lake Levico.

The province of Trentino is a must for cyclists. Enjoy its mild climate and numerous cycling routes. It is no coincidence that so many professional cyclists come here regularly to train.

Lake Garda: a huge playground

Cycling is intertwined with the region, as is its dolce-vitavibe. After all, Lake Garda has so much to offer: enjoy the mountains with altitudes above two thousand meters and their lively flora, as well as the Mediterranean and Alpine climate. A real playground for cyclists, located between the distinctive mountains of Monte Baldo and Monte Bondone.

"Choose between Italy's largest lake with its breathtaking scenery and active lifestyle or the tranquility of the smaller Lake Levico. "

As you ride uphill and concentrate on your next pedal stroke, don’t forget to take in the incredible deep blue of Lake Garda from time to time. Depending on the water, the lake can be seen from so many different points, each offering a different perspective. When you reach the highest point, prepare to pilot your bike through the winding roads that offer not only fast descents, but also the release of a solid dose of endorphins. But let’s listen for a moment to what the local guides of the numerous cycling hotels have to say

Alessandra Michelotti of AktivHotel SantaLucia, Lake Garda:

“For us, cycling around Lake Garda, where professional cyclists and teams train every year, feels like a privilege. Showing our guests the familiar routes, demanding or easy, really never gets boring. There is always something to discover and we are happy to show you all the hidden gems of this beautiful area.”

A love story: cyclists and Lake Levico

Lake Levico, located north of Lake Garda, is in many ways the opposite of its well-known neighbor. It is much smaller, a little less frequented and a place where you can really escape the daily grind and relax quietly, and not just on a bike. Here you can fully indulge in the many different routes. These offer so many possibilities that it is almost difficult to choose just one. And after your bike ride, you can chill out in Levico Terme’s spa, where you can treat those heavy legs and enjoy a well-deserved recuperation moment. If you love the real climbing, you’ll just love this region.

Want to experience history while pedaling? Then try the “Kaiserjägerstraße” and experience a ride back in time. The Austro-Hungarian dual monarchy constructed the road during World War I. The regiment was called the “Kaiserjäger,” hence the name. The rather narrow road was built to transport materials for the construction of fortifications. Reminiscent of days gone by, the road winds up the road for eight kilometers. At the end of the stretch you have you have conquered eight hundred vertical meters. A quick and simple calculation then tells you that you have covered 8km at an average of 10%! Is this hard work worth it, you ask? It certainly is! Lake Caldonazzo and Lake Levico both do their best to look as beautiful as possible from that spot! It’s a view you’ll never forget! After this breathtaking view, descend to Lake Levico.

If you feel like a challenge, you can try the trek over Manghen Pass. This trek at 2047 meters is one of the most beautiful around. After leaving Lake Levico, climb to Borgo in the Sugana Valley. Often described as the gateway to the Dolomites, this mountain pass has some tough challenges in store for you and your legs. Enjoy the area’s wild landscapes in this peaceful setting as you make your way to the top of the pass.

A mass of options – pick your favorite!

Hotel Recommendation

We recommend staying at a hotel that can give you all the benefits as only a dedicated cycling hotel can. Two such cycling hotels are the Sport & Wellness Hotel Cristallo on Lake Levico and the AktivHotel SantaLucia on Lake Garda. There you will find not only top experts as far as hotels are concerned, but also really passionate cycling guides. So in terms of qualified cycling guides, you are in good hands. Enjoy the tours through the area and let the locals show you all the best spots.

As a member of “Roadbike Holidays” they can offer you a whole range of services specifically for cyclists. Such as:

lockable rooms for bikes
laundry service
repair corner
bicycle information corner

And did we mention the wonderful in-house spa area?

Just come and see for yourself what Trentino has to offer!

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Sport & Wellness Hotel Cristallo Levicosee
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