At the end of March, Sigma introduced the new ORIGINALS bicycle computers. Within a very short period of time, Sigma launched many new products.

Since 1982, with the Cyclecoach, Sigma has been making digital cycling computers. The functional cycling computers have continued to improve over the past decades. With the ORIGINALS, the brand now launches the next generation of cycling computers. Available in five models and both wired and wireless versions, every recreational cyclist will find his ideal bike computer in the range.

With optimized controls and new, larger displays, the ORIGINALS have become more user-friendly, yet have retained a compact size due to slim housing. Thanks to the extra-long battery life of more than two years, cyclists need not worry about maintaining their bike computer.

For daily commuting and recreational cyclists: BC 5.0, BC 8.0 and BC 10.0

The ORIGINALS BC 5.0, BC 8.0 and BC 10.0 are designed for cyclists who want to quickly and easily capture the most important data of their bike ride. The BC 5.0 offers the five most basic functions. The current speed, daily distance, total distance, riding time and 24-hour clock are easy to read at any time on the large display. The functions are displayed in the form of symbols or icons. Thanks to the large button, scrolling between functions is quick and easy, even while riding. The BC 8.0 is the ideal bike computer for the more sporty cyclists on road, mountain and gravel bikes, who, in addition to the basic functions, also want to see the total ride time, average speed and a comparison between current and average speed. Equipped with ten functions, the BC 10.0 measures temperature and maximum speed in addition to these basic functions.

For sportier cyclists: BC 12.0 and BC 14.0

Sportier cyclists who like to get out and about with cycling buddies on road bikes, mountain bikes or gravel bikes will enjoy the BC 12.0 and BC 14.0 models. With its twelve functions, the BC 12.0 can be used on two bikes and records all workouts completed on both bikes separately. If you want to train for strength or agility, the (optional) cadence sensor is a handy feature. Also practical is the monthly overview of total values in a kind of training diary. With its 14+ functions, its sporty design and the integrated altitude measurement, the BC 14.0 is the ideal companion for anyone who goes for a ride in the hills or mountains. In addition to the (optional) cadence measurement, altitude functions such as current altitude, ascent %, altitude meters, total altitude meters and maximum altitude are displayed. Two different wheel sizes and the backlight are other handy features. If you don’t want to miss the cadence measurement, you can use the BC 12.0 WL CAD or BC 14.0 WL CAD, which already come with the cadence sensor.

Flexible mounting

The ORIGINALS bike computers are easily mounted on the handlebar or stem. With the sporty BC 12.0 and BC 14.0, it is also possible to optimally mount the computer on the mountain or road bike using the OVER CLAMP BUTLER or LONG BUTLER. They are available as separate accessories. Additional security feature: The bike computers can be attached to the BUTLER with an additional screw to prevent theft.

Recommended prices:

BC 5.0 WR now available for                 19.95 €

BC 5.0 WL now available for                 39.95 €

BC 8.0 WR now available for                24.95 €

BC 8.0 WL now available for                 44.95 €

BC 10.0 WR now available for               29.95 €

BC 10.0 WL now available for                49.95 €

BC 12.0 WR available from May             39.95 €

BC 12.0 WL available from May             59.95 €

BC 12.0 WL CAD available from May     74.95 €

BC 14.0 WR available from May            64.95 €

BC 14.0 WL available from May            84.95 €

BC 14.0 WL CAD available from May    99,95 €

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