Africa will host the World Cycling Championships for the first time in history. Rwanda, specifically Kigali, was given preference by the UCI over Tangier (Marocco) for the 2025 World Championships. To make cycling more international, the UCI had previously announced that the 2025 World Championships would be held in Africa for the first time. In the end, there were only two candidates to take on the organization namely, Tangier, in Morocco and Kigali, in Rwanda.

That Rwanda would be chosen was written in the stars because of the rich cycling tradition the country already has. A Tour of Rwanda has been organized every year since 2001. In a short period of time, the Tour of Rwanda grew from a local event to an international race, even attracting several professional teams from Europe.

Rwanda promotes the race as one of its national sports. Thus, in the past, several Rwandan riders came to Belgium to compete at the top level. Rwandan professional cyclists such as Joseph Areruya and Adrien Niyonshuti are also increasingly boosting cycling in the country. When the peloton rides on Rwandan roads during the Tour of Rwanda, the sea of people they ride through seems even bigger and noisier than on our Flemish roads.

More than 400,000 people on Wall of Kigali

Undoubtedly, the Wall of Kigali will be included in the course as the critical junction. This Wall can best be compared to the Wall of Geraardsbergen including the cobblestones. This real cobblestone climb in the capital is almost 500 meters long with a steep section of 18 percent. At the passages in the Tour of Rwanda, the African cycling atmosphere on the Wall of Kigali is truly unique. More than 400,000 people encourage the riders in an African enthusiastic manner.

That promises the 2025 World Championships! We are already looking forward to it!


Photo: Getty Images

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