Are you an avid, sporty eBike enthusiast or just want to experience what an active eBike has to offer? Then this new Bosch tech will soon be worth a (bike) trip to your dealer.

Today, you have an electric version of almost every kind of bicycle. The number of eBikes is growing so fast that there’s a good chance you own an eBike yourself or will own one in the next few years. Like the types of eBikes, the technology for integrating your electric bike into your digital life is also expanding all the time. From gravel to mountain bikes, you can now upgrade any bike into a fully connected, digital marvel in no time. All you need is top-of-the-line technology – like the Performance Line SX from Bosch eBike Systems. Are you an avid, sporty eBike enthusiast or just want to experience what an active eBike has to offer? Then this new Bosch tech will soon be worth a (bike) trip to your dealer.

The SX Performance Line

Light weight, high performance, maximum fun: this is what the new Performance Line SX from Bosch eBike Systems stands for. Made especially for sporty cyclists who like adventure, whether in the city or in nature. The Performance Line SX is essentially a very quiet drive unit, a device that drives the eBike’s motor, which you can customize via a special app. It is accompanied by a new riding mode, battery and remote control for the handlebars. These are designed specifically for use on lightweight eMTBs, eGravel Bikes and eUrban Bikes, to let you race quickly and almost weightlessly over any surface. So, are you a fan of…

..lightweight eMTBs?

Then the Performance Line SX will help you successfully tackle the trails by giving you the best possible combination of frame geometry, weight, motor power and battery capacity. Trails with lots of technically tricky passages, sharp turns and steep inclines, that’s what the SX enjoys. The support of up to 600 watts, in a housing of only about two kilograms, is powerful enough to help you over any obstacle. With its low weight, it gives you full maneuverability on flat stretches, still with a natural cycling feel. You are additionally rewarded for your own efforts on the trail: the faster you pedal, the higher the support! The riding modes Tour+ and eMTB, set via Bosch’s eBike Flow app, help you enjoy mountain biking even more with this drive unit.

For your mountain bike adventures, of course, you also need some energy – and the new CompactTube 400 battery is happy to provide that. This super-light battery with high energy density is optimally matched to the Performance Line SX and has a capacity of 400 kWH, more than enough for your sporty tours. But if you need more, then with the new range extender PowerMore 250 you can easily extend your range so that you can continue to ride for longer.

…Electric Gravel Bikes?

Then the Performance Line SX is perfect for that ride through the woods or a nice workout ride after work. The SX supports you when cycling on asphalt, gravel and similar surfaces with an increasing pedaling frequency, which gives you extra pleasure and feels just as natural as cycling on a normal gravel bike. This is because the pedal resistance is barely noticeable, even at speeds above 25 km/h.
To make the Performance Line SX a real training partner, Bosch has specially developed the new riding mode “Sprint”. This allows you to start up quickly and maintain a high speed. Again, the faster you pedal, the higher the support becomes. You can further customize this riding mode completely to your liking.

To accommodate eGravelers even further, there is now also a special Mini Remote (a device that allows you to control and adjust your electrical systems while cycling) for dropbar handlebars. Combined with the System Controller, which can be integrated into the tube of your eBike, and your CompactTube 400 battery, this allows you to easily control your entire cycling experience – in just about four kilograms.

…Electric Urban Bikes?

Even then, the Performance Line SX has everything for you. Speaking of home: that ride from your home to work and back again and again through city traffic? No problem, because the SX helps you get from A to B dynamically, efficiently and agilely. With powerful support when you can climb to higher speeds on a long stretch of road, and with a quick start when you pull away at yet another stoplight.

It’s also nice for this kind of bike to be as light as possible, such as when you need to carry it up or down station stairs. The cooperation with the other lightweight components, the CompactTube 400, Mini Remote and System Controller, keep the weight of your eUrban Bike as low as possible. Last but not least, the drive unit fits like a glove into the sleek look of any urban eBike. This is important for the modern, style-conscious urbanite who likes to subtly impress friends and colleagues with his or her beautiful bike.

The first bikes with the Performance Line SX are expected to arrive on the market from autumn 2023.

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