Enjoying cycling with Knooppunter is also possible in the Netherlands! The guide by seasoned cycling author Kristien Hansebout offers thirty ready-to-use routes along the Knooppunter network through the southern border provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg.

Each route has a long and a short option. With this cycling guide as a source of inspiration and the ready-to-use downloadable Knooppunterroadbooks, which always reflect the most up-to-date situation, on your handlebars, you will experience the most delightful outings. You will be well prepared thanks to the clear bike maps, the many fun facts and interesting background information. And there is special attention to wonderful places to stop: authentic cafes, inviting terraces and bicycle-friendly inns.

According to the author, the Netherlands is a lot further ahead than Flanders when it comes to bicycle facilities. So how about experiencing that for yourself with this route book. The routes are a good mix of culture, history, cool places and beautiful nature. For € 25.99 the book is for sale at publisher Lannoo via or in bookstores.


Text: Rens Klaasse

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