The security expert ABUS is always looking for new developments to constantly improve its proven, security technologies and create new ones. Thus, with the Granit Super Extreme 2500, ABUS has created a truly superior shackle lock for the most extreme situations.

In times when high-quality e-bikes and cargo bikes rise in price above five figures and as such are considered high-value objects, special security measures are necessary. This is especially true for large cargo bikes, as they often have to be left outside unattended overnight and cannot simply be stored in the basement. The risk of theft is therefore much higher, and in recent months it has become apparent that attempted theft using a battery-powered cordless angle grinder is becoming increasingly popular – metropolitan areas such as Berlin, London and Chicago are particularly affected.

In response, ABUS has developed a lock equipped to handle this aggressive type of attack. It is based on the proven and most secure U-lock in the ABUS bike lock range and a standard-bearer of technology, the GRANIT X-PLUS 540. This lock has proven in many independent tests that it sets the standard when it comes to security. In an intensive development process, the U-lock was refined and its resistance significantly improved.

This improvement of the lock “Made in Germany” was made possible by the use of a special material made of Tungsten Carbide, one of the hardest materials in the world, which is mainly used for the parabolic shackle reinforced to 27 mm and the lock body and which defies the flexible angle grinder.

Its surfaces are so refined that it visibly makes the disc of the angle grinder desperate and wears down significantly, requiring the disc to be replaced or replaced multiple times – the thief will shy away from this effort and look for something easier to open.

The flagship in the ABUS U-lock segment features an XPlus cylinder, a disc cylinder that cannot be opened by intelligent picking. This also makes the lock ONE KEY-ready to synchronize additional locks for the bike or create a customized same-key locking system for the family, business or rental service so that all associated locks can be operated with one key.

The size of the lock also reflects its ease of use. Thanks to the size of the bracket, the Granit Super Extreme 2500 is not only suitable as an immobilizer, but also allows the bike to be secured to a fixed object and secured against towing – a significant advantage!

The incredible security of the Granit Super Extreme 2500 is reflected in its striking, versatile and angular design with a matte black finish. The newly developed bracket solution USH 2500 adds to the ease of use through flexible mounting options on the rack and the back of the bike. All in all, a well thought-out overall concept.

The Granit Super Extreme 2500 was presented at Eurobike 2023 and will be available from specialist retailers in spring 2024.

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